SCD Peeling Skin Lotion

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  • SCD Peeling Skin Lotion | Filipino Beauty Brands NZ

    SCD Peeling Skin Lotion

    $18.00 inc GST

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      SCD Peeling Skin Lotion | Filipino Beauty Brands NZ

      SCD Peeling Skin Lotion

      $18.00 inc GST

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      SCD Peeling Skin Lotion

      Introducing the SCD Peeling Skin Lotion. Effectively addresses stretch marks, dark spots, scars, and various skin concerns. This skin peeling variant contributes to the rejuvenation of your skin by peeling away dead and old skin, revealing a whiter and smoother complexion in less than a week. It lightens scars, stretch marks, dark spots, as well as dark elbows, knees, and underarms. This product is both safe and effective. Unlike other peeling oils, you can bathe daily, but it is recommended not to scrub or use soap on the areas where the peeling lotion is applied.

      Wish your dull, uneven skin could shed its troubles and reveal a brighter, smoother you? Look no further than the revolutionary SCD Peeling Skin Lotion! This powerful potion tackles common woes like stretch marks, dark spots, and stubborn scars, leaving you with a renewed, radiant complexion in just a week.

      Imagine waking up to skin that feels like silk, with imperfections fading away like a bad dream. SCD Peeling Skin Lotion works its magic by gently exfoliating, whisking away dead skin cells to unveil the healthy, glowing skin beneath. This isn’t just about aesthetics, though. By encouraging skin cell turnover, the lotion helps minimize the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and dark spots, leaving you with a more even, radiant tone.

      And the best part? Unlike other harsh peeling agents, skin lotion is surprisingly gentle. You can shower daily (just skip the soap on treated areas), so you won’t be sacrificing your comfort for beautiful results. So ditch the dullness and embrace the confidence that comes with healthy, rejuvenated skin. Give Peeling Skin Lotion a try and see the transformation for yourself! Remember, with SCD, a brighter, smoother you is just a peel away.



      Aqua, Stearyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Pranayetand Method, Alpha-arbutin, Glycyrrhiza, Glycolic Acid, Kojic Dipalmitate,  Glaora Root Extract, Lactic Acid, CI15965

      Directions for Use:

      1. Apply before bed time. Pour the lotion unto skin generously and massage thoroughly until its totally absorbed by the skin.
      2. Make it thicker to achieve large peeling. Repeat 3x application with a 15mins interval.
      3. You may take a bath in morning, however, do not use soap or scrub on the area where you apply the peeling lotion.
      4. Wait at least 5-7 days for your old skin to peel off .Do not force your skin to peel off wait until your skin will loosen from the new skin before you peel it off.
      5.  Avoid too much exposure to sunlight during application, peeling stage 1 week after peeling.
      6. Use high SPF lotion during day time after peeling .


      1. Excessive use of product may cause skin issues.
      2. Discontinue use if rashes, redness, or itching occur.
      3. Consult your Physician if irritation persists.


      1. It is highly recommended to test the akin for sensitivity to the product prior to use.
      2. Do this by placing a smal amount of the product at the back of your ears, if your intention is to use onto the face.
      3. Test on skin folds on the arm if intended to use on the body.
      4. We highly encourage to do a skin patch test, to avoid an allergic reaction to the contents of our product.
      5. If no allergies occurred 4 hours after the skin patch test, continue with the use of the product.
      6. Otherwise refrain from using the product.
      7. Avoid excessive sun exposure.


      1. Not suitable for every skin type.
      2. Strongly suggested to have a skin patch test before using.
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